Hydra IRC

Hydra IRC is a handy application, a fresh IRC client that turns usage of IRC a cheerful experience. IRC networks along with providing a platform for friends and acquaintances to gather, also furnishes some of the best technical supports available. This tool allows its users to stay connected with manifold IRC channels, users and servers on different networks. It supports connecting multiple servers at one single moment.

The latest version of Hydra IRC is a super-fast, efficient and streamlined IRC tool, and an application providing effective service. It is user friendly in nature, smart and updated in features and functionality. Moreover, this tool is a freeware provides intuitive services to the users at indeed free of cost.

Hydra IRC software is written in C++ and supports very minimal registry usage. Nice look, slick design and developed graphic user interface (GUI) works well to secure users preference and earns their reliability. Audio mute function is also ensured and user identities can be assigned on a per network basis. Hydra IRC supports all possible known text style codes and also scripting via way of DLL plug ins. It indeed makes the usage of IRC easy to all- from computer literate professionals to a common person; all now can enjoy the accessibility happily.



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