HotKeyz is a simple but really useful application that can be used to configure all sorts of shortcuts on the keyboard. There are a lot of them provided by Windows, but most of them are obsolete and not really useful, so that users can reconfigure them and choose tasks that are actually relevant to their needs. Everything is done easily, with the aid of the simple interface of the utility.

HotKeyz allows users to start by creating categories for their hotkeys. This is the best management solution and allows users to keep track of each hotkey. Then, they can start adding the actual hotkeys. They have the possibility to choose between two or three keys when creating the shortcut and afterwards, they can select or type in them. If the hotkey combination is already used, users will be informed about this and they will have the possibility to continue or choose other keys.

HotKeyz can assign icons to the shortcuts. It can even be design to assign keys to certain applications, so that Winamp, for example, can be controlled through special keys. Shortcuts for system tasks, such as shut down, can also be added. Printing can also be started within seconds with the aid of a shortcut designed with the aid of the app.



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