HJ-Split is an extremely efficient software tool for splitting and joining of digital files, which can prove helpful to the users for a number of reasons. Extremely large and bulky files can be quite troublesome, if not outright impossible, to share and transfer over the internet. This software tool allows its users to split, join, and perform a number of other tasks with their digital files in a highly efficient manner. Users can upload, download, and share their files by using the versatile features of this splitter and joiner software tool.

The HJ-Split software tool can run on computers without the need of any installation, which makes it a valuable addition to the portable devices. This splitter and joiner tool is capable of handling files with a size of up to 100 GB, which makes it possible for this tool to split even backup archives. Thus, users of this software can split or join a variety of files ranging from individual folders to entire archives with the help of this tool.

The HJ-Split software comes with an intuitive user interface that sports 6 buttons for different features available to the users. The six buttons are for Split, Join, Compare, Checksum, About, and the Exit functions. Users can automatically split files by selecting the source and destination folders, and specifying the size of the intended file. The compare function allows the users to find out if two files are of comparable size before joining them while the checksum function allows copying files to the clipboard for further uses. Thus, this splitter and joiner tool is perfect for a variety of purposes.



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