Hex Color Finder

Finding and picking the favorite color that can be used for any purpose sounds a bit crazy and difficult job. But it is actually not so tedious with Hex color finder. Hex color finder has been developed by the NZ group to pick the color and use it for any purposes in windows. Hex Color Finder has the ability to pick the color and converts it into the hexadecimal code. The naming convention came from the hexadecimal code.

Suppose if any custom color that is appearing on the windows screen and the user just want to use the color to paint the photo, then user can eventually grab the color from the screen and use it by Hex-color-finder. The basic principle of this tool works on a simple algorithm. This software picks up the desired color and then converts it into the hexa code.

It saves the information for further proceedings and when recalled to use the color, it simply reconverts the hexa code into the color. The simple yet fantastic concept gives user the freedom to select what so ever color user want. This tool has the ability to manipulate the direct color component or RGB. The magnificent job of Hexa color finder gives opportunity to explore windows more and better.



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