Heroes of Three Kingdoms

Heroes of Three Kingdoms is yet another 3D animation based MMORPG fantasy game that has its origin in the ancient history of China where there were three kingdoms. Published online by Perfect World Entertainment, this is a fast paced action game that involves crafting of weapons and selecting the weapons that your virtual character will wield during battle. The PvP battlegrounds make the battlefield more interesting and entertaining. The game offers to transport you to another era of time in the Chinese history.

The background story for the game is based during the decline of the Han Dynasty, where the kingdom is plagued by bandits and wild creatures. As heroes of this kingdom, you need to defeat these evil creatures and battle for your province by using the weapons offered. You can choose the weapon that your character will wield by choosing one from among the eighteen weapons offered in the game. Based on the weapon that you have chosen, you will be given a different set of stats such as CRIT, ATK, CTRL, GR, and HP. Navigation through the game area is simple as it is automated.

This game is popular in China and is known by the name Chi Bi; and in Malaysia it is known as Red Cliff. Creating you character is a simple function, as you can choose your gender and based on that select your character’s features from the list offered. To create a storage base in any town and to build your inventory, you need to complete special quests that are included in the game. You can play the game using keyboard controls or using click and move. The game is considered a good choice for players interested in this genre, as it claims to offer something interesting and exciting for experienced players as well as newbies.

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