HealthifyMe Calorie Counter

HealthifyMe Calorie Counter is a good personal coach for anybody interested in staying fit, eating healthy and losing weight. It is a powerful fitness tracker with an integrated calorie counter and an exercise tracker to log your activities. The application is easy to use and features photo and voice tracking that simplify the task of tracking the exercise and food for you. Not only this, the program constantly analyzes your data to provide powerful insights as well as smart feedback so as to improve your lifestyle. The app works in a simple yet effective way. For instance, if you wish to lose weight, you can feed your target weight to have the program create a custom plan for you.

You simply need to see that you stay within the meal budgets and you would surely see your extra pounds dropping week by week. Follow the exercises suggested by the app to stay active and strong. Eat healthy by following the custom food advice on what should be eaten next. This program consists of a large database of regional and local foods for different countries. For your healthy activities, you get points with which you can compete with other people on leaderboard. It also includes a 12 weeks programme for helping you lose weight easily.

A simple to use, comprehensive health tool for anybody willing to stay fit and healthy! Get it for your PC today with BlueStacks emulator!



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