HDGraph is for all those who want to deal with a full hard disk! This simple utility helps identify the problem with your hard drive in no time. It displays the hard drive space usage in a comprehensive graphical way. All the hard drive directories as well as subdirectories are displayed on a single graph so that you can get the idea about the largest of them at a glance. The program draws all the subfolders of any folder on a pie chart using a rings style so as to denote the space on the parent folder proportionally. It is capable of drawing ‘n’ levels of the folders tree on the chart. One can fully customize the number of levels and it takes instant effect.

One of the impressive features of the app is the windows explorer integration which enables loading the app with a single right click on any folder. It is possible to save the chart for loading later and this enables you to compare the filesystem at different dates. The program allows exporting the chart to image format like BMP and it is interactive to use. Other features include auto refresh of graph upon switching from one folder to another, multi-language user interface and saving the paths of scanned folders in a list.



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