Hazard Perception Test DTS

Hazard Perception Test DTS is a useful app designed for all those who want to pass the hazard perception test and the practical driving test. It contains interactive video clips in high quality meant to simulate the official DVSA test so that you can develop the skills needed for passing your test the first time and then stay safe on roads. The program is good for learner motorcyclists, learner car drivers, PCV drivers, trainee LGV drivers, ADIs and PDIs. The most important is the collection of 14 exclusive hazard perception videos which are made with professional high quality not found in any other application.

The app also includes a hazard perception test introduction video. The video clips are all shot from outside of car like in real tests. After each test, you receive a quick feedback to see how well you did. Also, you can review every clip to see where the hazard occurred and also where you could achieve the maximum score. Each clip includes professional commentary from driving instructor. There is a built in cheat detection system which replicates the official DVSA test accurately. What more, you get to gain experience across a variety of road conditions like town centers, country roads, main roads and residential streets.

It is very simple to keep track of your driving progress to stay updated on how you are doing. The application offers a complete statistical breakdown for every clip such as your highest score, number of times you watched the clip, date and time of your last attempt to clip, the last score and other details. An added feature is the comprehensive advice center that contains necessary information about test and how to make sure you pass the first time. The most reliable driving test software for all! Give it a try today on desktop with BlueStacks App Player!



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