Hauberk Parental Control

In the modern era, the biggest worry for the parents is to monitor their child when they are on the computer, especially when the child is online. Now, to reduce this tension, there are various parental control software programs in the market and Hauberk Parental Control is one of them. This software offers total control over the kids when they are online.

The software prevents the kid from viewing any adult contents. It protects the child from viewing pornographic materials. It also stops the child from viewing any pages or contents that contains vulgar, malicious, offensive words. It does not allow the children to contact with the unwanted contacts through the internet. The software allows the parents to keep an eye on when the child is getting online in the computer. It also monitors the duration of time in which child is using the internet.

The software records every activity of the child when he is using the internet, and thus, parents can know the activities of child in the web. The software works remotely, and parents can control them without letting the child know anything about it. The software comes with automatic set up for different age group of kids, and parents can customize all the settings as per their choice.



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