Hanuman to Lanka

A part of the Indian epic- Ramayana is now put forth in the form of a game where kids can learn the story as in an enjoyable manner. The game is played in two modes with four levels in each. The first mode give a story backdrop to the players and the game begins with the journey Hanuman takes to Lanka to tell Sita that Rama will come to save her. According to the story, Hanuman jumps over the Indian Ocean, the players are required to help him jump.

The second mode is when Hanuman burns Lanka down to ashes and goes back to Lanka to see if Sita is safe. The player has to help Hanuman set Lanka on fire. This is a fun way to learn and teach the story to other people. Hanuman to Lanka for PC is packed with wonderful graphics that will involve the player further into the game. This game is available for download and installation at BlueStacks for free.



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