If you have played and loved the age-old game of Hangman, then HangARoo is the game for you. It has the same premise as the Hangman, where you have to figure out the word and phrase put out in front of you from letters in the alphabet. What makes HangARoo such a fun game to play is the fact that the HangARoo has a humorous element to it, and the HangARoo will keep annoying and pushing you over the edge with his smart mouth and phrases.

HangARoo has over 120 different categories that you can choose from and these categories have over 8500 terms to figure out. This makes HangARoo a very long and amazing game to play for people who enjoy word games. There are also a series of ‘did you know’ facts to some of the phrases and can be used as a learning curve for the players. There are a lot of customizable controls when it comes to the sound of the game, and there are also unexpected surprise endings in the game that will keep you hooked onto HangARoo.

You can also create your own phrases and words with the help of the game. the setup and the uninstall routines have also been upgraded and made easier to use for the players. The graphics in HangARoo are fun to look at and the hilarious comments passed by the HangARoo are an added quirk in the game that make it really interesting to play. you can also create external data files that comprise of your own categories and phrases that you have created in the game. all in all, HangARoo has a lot to offer to the players in terms of learning new things in the English language, and also adds a fun quotient to the otherwise boring routine through the game.



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