HandBrake For PC Download (Windows 7, 8, 10, XP) - Free Full Download


HandBrake is a small application that aids users in the process of converting a video. The tool is distributed for free and there are no locked features, as other competitive apps on the market have. This way, users can better enjoy the various features that are available without worrying about certain limitations. The program is installed with ease, with no other optional downloads that can bug someone, and running it will provide a simple design. The few buttons that are available are part of a minimalist interface and learning to use the features will be easy.

This software app is mainly designed to convert videos from DVDs. The file format used on such disks is not too flexible and various devices are not compatible with this format. In order to make the movies playable on the computer with more ease and also make them available for other gadgets, a converter like the mentioned one can be used. The file will be displayed in a list, meaning that more of them can be added in order for a whole batch to be processed. There are various options that can be tweaked and the tool itself will inform the user about the fields that must be filled in.

The application is not especially designed for beginner users but they can easily learn about the available features by consulting the Help file. Here, various examples are available and they will show multiple conversion capabilities of the application, especially regarding the output format and its settings. DVD movie files can be exported to more than twenty different formats, including Android and iOS compatible-formats that allow for flawless playback. The conversion times are also pretty good, and even if other tools might do it faster, users should still keep in mind that this app is a free one.



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