GreenBrowser is a very commonly used web browser application. This web browser does not provide the users with any kind of extended functionality or exclusive extensions. One individual will get from this browser are standard applications and add-ons only. This free web browser works properly, but if you are already using a common web browser happily; then no need for a replacement with this GreenBrowser. This GreenBrowser only features the basic add-ons and will also give you a feel of common web browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox.

GreenBrowser only has the advantage in its interface. All the buttons and tabs are logically arranged and you would feel cheerful to apply those buttons. The webpage loading is fast in this particular web browser. Adapting to this GreenBrowser will not at all be a problem. The home page provides a Google search engine page and also direct links to news, technology and several other webpages. The developers for this web browser application said that the “Auto from-filling” that has been included is a special feature. But, users have to remind the fact that the above stated feature has become a standard for the other web browsers.

The only irritating thing about this web browser is that whenever you click on a particular web search result on Google, the browser opens a different tab all together without asking. If you are looking for some new features and functionality in a new web browser; then definitely GreenBrowser is not the one for you.




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