One of the best virtual desktop manager is GoScreen. In this age of fast track race life, everything must be fast. GoScreen has given speed to the user who always deals with windows and uses a number of pages at the same time. When there are many open tabs on the desktop, then one has to minimize or sometime it is necessary to delete some pages to get the work done. Hence this tool takes a lot time and creates complexity. This software is used to avoid all this complexities and to make the work faster.

The developers of this desktop manager have considered the screen of the desktop as a single page and then give some 3D effects to it. They also give some features to it like one can add several pages to a single screen; there is no problem to handle many pages in a single screen without clicking the “active” button for the several times. When we go from the first page to the next then the concentration is only moved but the first page remains in its own place.

No data is lost in this process. 32 bit or 64 bit operating system supports this. This tool is designed with many ultra tech processes. This software is also very user friendly and supported by all the latest Windows Operating Systems.

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