Google Maps with GPS Tracker

Google Maps with GPS Tracker is an application designed by a developer that aimed to help users who need an addition to the classic Google Maps feature. The tool makes use of a GPS device in order to work, but unlike the standard applications that are installed on such devices, this one will prove to be more useful. The application uses either a 3G or a GPRS connection in order to update the location of the user. After the location is updated, it will be added onto a Google Map in order for each person to find detailed information about his current location.

The application can be set to work in different ways. The most helpful one is a real-time location provider, but this one might demand too much internet resources. Thus, different update times can be preset in the settings in order to provide a location once per minute or even rarer, depending on the user’s choice. The help files can be consulted in order for users to properly install and configure the tool. In the settings area, the user can switch between imperial or metric measurement units and he can also choose if he wants a log of the trip.

The tool can be configured to work with various devices in order to send data, as GPS systems are not the only ones that are compatible. A person can set up Google Maps with GPS Tracker to send information towards a system port or even a com protocol. Moreover, Google Earth can also receive data from this application. If the latter option is chosen, another dialog box will pop-up and the user will be prompted to insert all of the requested information in order to configure a proper connection. The tool is interesting and it is also free to use.



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