Users looking for an image viewer to view images in multiple formats will find the GonVisor image viewer to be ideal for their use. This image viewing software allows its users to view images in a wide range of formats such as JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, PDF, and many more. Thus, users can view pictures, comics, magazines, Manga, and books in the electronic formats with this image viewing software tool.

GonVisor software downloads and installs on the computer with utmost efficiency. The user interface on this software sports a plain and simple look, which enables users to navigate and open folders with ease. The interface on this software allows the users to import any file either by using the file browser or by dragging and dropping it. Thus, users can open images or folders containing them, images contained in PDFs, and even extract images from any folder.

The users of GonVisor software can perform a number of different modifications on their images such as change the back color, main screen style, and the interface language. Users can improve the colors of the images automatically, zoom in and out of the images, alter its dimensions, and rotate the images as per their requirements. Thus, this software can perfect for viewing, as well as, editing images in different formats.



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