Godzilla – smash3

Godzilla – smash3 for PC is a jaw dropping, 3D, multiplayer android game. With this game Godzilla, the king of monsters makes its debut in the android device world. It is the official game of the original movie on Godzilla where Godzilla is in pursuit of the dangerous MUTO monsters. You have to help him do that successfully. You can control every stomp and bite of the monster and unleash his most lethal power, the “atomic breath”, by storing energy and unleashing it at once. The monster will travel through 80 cities in the world in the pursuit. To help him you can take the help of your friends playing online. With 3D environment and monsters, destruction as seen in movies, variety of challenges, upgradable powers, Facebook integration to help or challenge friends and other features this is an absorbing game for your smartphone or tablet.

With BlueStacks app player you can play Godzilla – smash3 for PC. You can even access the game through this utility.



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