Go Trusted Secure Tunnel

If you are willing to secure your PC’s internet data and protect your computer’s privacy then Go Trusted Secure Tunnel is indeed a trusted option. This program ensures your Internet usage safe, censor free and anonymous. A high speed secure tunnel is created by it and hence it encrypts your traffic like email, IM, Web, VoIP, FTP etc. It can do that in any Wi-Fi hotspot or wired network.

From hackers and monitors, you can get protection from Go Trusted Secure Tunnel. You can also bypass firewalls and proxy in order to access blocked sites. You can use applications that are not allowed normally through a network. A new email feature has been added to this application which will give you a disposable email which you can use on those sites that usually send SPAM mail to you. There are other great features of this security software. It can connect quickly via the desktop tray icon and hence you can get security within seconds. It does not require any configuration and it can work with any application virtually. The industrial strength of this software is SSL encrypted. You can hide your real email address because of the new feature SPAM-Kill email alias.

Whenever you will be using insecure networks like hotels, cafes and airports, it will provide protection for your computer to save it from intrusion attempts. It is one very trusted security software which has a huge demand and users are quite satisfied with its functions. This software is compatible with all the latest windows OS like XP, ME, Vista, 7 and 8.



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