Glow Ovulation Period Tracker

The most reliable, accurate period tracker and ovulation calculator, Glow Ovulation Period Tracker is more than simply a period tracker or a fertility calendar. This powerful app helps you in your day to day life, relieving you of a lot of stress. Whether you are avoiding pregnancy, trying to conceive or want to simply track your period, the application is there to make it easier. It learns your menstrual data, cycle and symptoms to provide you personalized, accurate predictions of your period dates and fertile window. The most impressive thing about the app is that it is free!

Get your best fertility friend right on your desktop and stay carefree! Get daily predictions about your chances of pregnancy. Check your ovulation dates and the next fertile window, get tips to get pregnant faster. With this tool, you get your data on an attractive, colorful period calendar and a simple period log helps you stay updated on your health data. The period calculator is powerful enough to forecast, predict and help track menstruation cycles, for irregular periods too. The program would surely serve as a personal period diary.

The application gives you the ability to track a range of data parameters including menstrual cycle, period days, fertile days, weight, intercourse, cervical mucus, cramps, BMI, basal body temperature, contraception, BMI, birth control, period symptoms, notes, medications, spotting, exercise and more. Other impressive features include interactive, beautiful fertility charts, fun suggestions and helpful reminders, insights about ovulation, fertility, health based on your period data. Make the tool your companion and stay healthy with ease! Get it for your PC using BlueStacks App Player today for free!



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