GloboNote is a sticky note provider for those that have multiple tasks throughout a period of time and want to be reminded of each one. This app can be installed within seconds and afterwards, users can start adding notes onto their desktop and further configure them. The basic style of the notes provides the classic yellow background but this is just one of the options that can be changed.

GloboNote allows users to import their own backgrounds and create new styles that can be used generally or just for certain ones. Checkboxes can be added to each note and this way, users can easily keep track of the completed tasks before their due date. Whenever this moment would be, there is the possibility to add notifications in terms of sounds and visual elements which remind users of the tasks hours or even days before they have to be done.

GloboNote also provides users the possibility of adding shortcuts to various files that are related to a certain task. URLs and images are also addable elements to a note and they can both be accessed by clicking them. Notes are easily draggable and resizable so that they can be placed wherever the user wants.



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