Gizmo for Windows

Gizmo for Windows is an application which can be easily used and configured in order for users to make voice calls over the internet. This VoIP utility has a series of functions which are easily available through the aid of a simple interface. Also, the installation process takes a few minutes and then, users can create an account to log in and work with.

Gizmo for Windows provides both fun and serious elements that can be tried. On the fun side, users can work with multiple sound effects that can be added during a live call and these include basic voice changes or various stand alone effects. However, this is not the main aim of Gizmo as there are other functions which can be used. The call quality assistant provides live tuning to the bandwidth in order for users to benefit from constant quality.

Gizmo for Windows also features recording capabilities as a standard or by user control. Files can be shared after a voice call is started and chatting is also available beforehand. Avatars and statuses can be set within a few clicks, too. National and international calls can also be made with Gizmo but these are charged according to standard rates of the user’s country.



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