Geography Quiz Game

The Geography Quiz game is one of the best educational games of Android, which is developed by Webelinx. The game will be enjoyable for the people of all ages. The app will increase the interest within your kids for Geography and will also be perfect for the kids if they are geography fans. The game is featured with lots of question in the mode of quiz regarding all the topics of Geography like mountains, rivers, flags, maps or other geographical features of the earth. You can have the options to make your answer correct.

The game you can play in 4 different modes obtaining 10 questions, 25 questions, 50 questions and 5 mistakes. There are 4 options of answers for each question. Answer the questions correctly as fast as possible to make the score higher. Earn 2000 points and get the score booster for free. The 5 errors is the endless mode where you can play untill you make 5 mistakes.



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