Genie Backup Manager

One of the finest features that make Genie Backup Manager, as outstanding Windows backup software is its capability to back up multiple files from CDs/DVDs. The software enables users to save the backup files to different sectors including USB sticks, Blu-Ray’s, CD/DVD or online.

This unique Windows backup software offers varied saving types inclusive of full, parallel, incremental, as well as differential backups. The scheduler offers full backup, incremental backup and even differential backup, depending upon your needs. The filter screen incorporated in the backup software helps in importing filters out of other jobs while exporting filters and subsequently importing them as well. In continuation of the hard drive backup, the resourceful attribute of this software enables you in selection of computer resource allotment by means of a slider that aids in keeping control of the backup speed.

The program would help you with your work in the entire process, designed with help icons as well hyperlinks, which can be found on each window. The job summary feature keeps record of settings against selected job and enables you to cross check the effectiveness. The help section is quite comprehensive and organized to assist users. All this makes, Genie Backup Manager one of the best softwares in its category and certainly worth trying.



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