Game Fire

One of the most popular games accelerating software applications, Game Fire makes it possible to turn your gaming experience to a smoother one with just one button press. The program works by turning off all the unwanted Windows features, closing unwanted applications, defraging system memory, optimizing the scheduled tasks, applying various system tweaks and defraging games files. Doing this enhances the system reliability and performance to a great extent.

Not only does it improve the system performance but also sees that your gaming experience is enhanced by enabling you to manage and organize your favorite games, both localized and online, in one place. This makes it possible to manage, defrag, search and launch all your favorite games at a centralized place. The good thing about the tool is that it is easy to use and requires no technical knowledge. Some of the useful components of the app include – Games Defragment to allow faster loading and startup of games, Live Gaming mode which boosts performance in real time.

The Game Adviser can detect as well as apply various system tweaks for helping you in enjoying a better computing experience. Applications manager takes care of closing unwanted apps to save memory space and computer power. There is also a function called Gaming Profiles which lets you choose what functions are to be suspended during the game. It is possible to create multiple profiles and switch between them at different times. Optimize your system for best gaming performance with this tool!



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