G3 Torrent

G3 Torrent is a BitTorrent client which can be quickly configured by users in order to start downloading torrents off the internet. The tool already comes with preset settings, but these can be changed, depending on one’s needs. For example, users that usually connect to the internet through a proxy can add the parameters of the certain proxy into the app so that it can also connect the same way.

G3 Torrent has a minimalist interface that keeps things clean and users can easily access all of the main functions. The buttons in the upper area of the screen are mainly used for torrent controls. This way, users can pause and resume the download or upload of one or more torrents or they can add new ones. Users can also import magnet links into the app and have the contents downloaded with ease.

G3 Torrent has a simple search engine that is able to provide a lot of results in terms of torrents, using the main torrent websites as sources. This way, users can access their favorite content without having to open a real browser and search for a certain torrent. The main torrent list allows users to see multiple columns that are filled with important info about each torrent, such as the download speed or the elapsed time.



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