FuturixImager is a great image viewer which provides increased functionality for users that need to work with large amounts of files and organize them neatly. Folders can be easily managed with the aid of this tool and files can be renamed in a batch. However, the viewing features of the tool should not be ignored as they are the most important of it.

Dragging & dropping is possible with FuturixImager and users can easily do this in order to import various files from digital cameras, for example. EXIF information of such images is available instantly and users can read through all of the fields with ease. Images can be viewed and zoomed in our out, but they can also be rotated and set as wallpapers directly from this tool.

FuturixImager provides support for basic editing, too. A few tools are available for use along with various effects which can be easily fine tuned according to one’s needs. There are various other options which can be selected in the dedicated menu, such as the ability to see recent files or work with color management. The tool only uses a low amount of resources, even when it has to batch process files.



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