Free Video Downloader

Free Video Downloader is a simple tool that allows users to download videos from the internet. The application is specifically designed for Internet Explorer and it will be easily installed as an extension for the browser. It will be placed in the right side of the search bar and clicking its icon allows users to enter the Options menu in order to tweak a few settings that are available. YouTube videos are the ones that can be downloaded with the aid of this tool and it can do a pretty good job. Moreover, the app is also free to use.

Users can easily set up a download directory for the videos if they go into the Options menu. This is the main option that can be edited, the other one offering the possibility of deleting the download history. This downloader program is a standard one with no fancy features, so users should know that videos will only be downloaded in the standard FLV format, but current media players can easily play this format, too. Videos will be downloaded using their original file name and this is easy when it comes to sorting them.

When a user is on a YouTube page that features a video, he can simply left click the icon in the toolbar and the video will be downloaded. In order to keep track of the download, he can check the downloads list, where he will be able to receive a few pieces of information, a download bar and the estimated remaining time. Free Video Downloader is not the top downloader in the market but the simplicity of this application makes it extremely useful, especially for users of Internet Explorer that need an extension to download videos. As there are no unnecessary features, it is extremely easy to use the app.



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