Free USB Disk Security 2013

The antivirus market is today full of big names and applications. What are the exquisite features, then, that differentiate ZoneAlarm Antivirus from others? It is nothing but the wise move of the manufacturer to combine the two most valued and needed internet security features into one single suit. The security suit offers not only an antivirus, but a strong firewall as well. And above all, most enticingly, the security suit is absolutely free.

ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus Firewall gives protection against all malware. If any bug manages to infiltrate the system, it is quickly sighted by the antivirus, and is then and there sent to the quarantine section or removed totally. As soon as the computer is turned on, the antivirus’s real-time protection starts working. Its behavioral analysis approach scans suspicious programs for threats. The firewall has Application control feature that can block unauthorized access of programs. The two-way firewall also makes the computer invisible to hackers as well as bars spyware from sending out your information into internet.

The combined security suit sports a number of useful protective modules. Its advanced firewall prevents any malware that attempts to break into the computer system bypassing primary antivirus checking. The Anti-phishing module blocks fake websites that may steal your information. If go to download a dangerous program, the Advanced Download Protection alerts you. Identity Protection supervises your credit and notifies if a credit file is modified. A Game Mode gets on while a full-screen program runs. Once in 24 hours the software, smart-looking and convenient, checks for updates and protects your computer most effectively.



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