Free Opener

Users can often face the problem of not having the right software tool to open a particular file, which can be quite bothersome. However, the Free Opener software application can be just the right remedy for such problems with its capability to open files in a wide range of digital formats. This software application works with utmost efficiency in opening files in almost every file format that is normally in use on the cyberspace.

The user interface of the Free Opener software application consists of only three menu options, which are enough to enable the users in using all of its features. The first option is the File menu, which allows the users to select any file for this software to open with the application being compatible with PDF, HTML, AVI, and XLS files. Thus, users can effortlessly work with files stored in myriad formats without breaking a sweat.

The Free Opener software comes with an ‘About’ feature which provides to its users a list of the numerous file types that this program supports. The software also allows its users to change the skin of the users interface through the Preferences menu. Users can also access the website of this program’s makers to access all the FAQs. Thus, this file opener can be just the right tool for opening every file.



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