Free Mouse Auto Clicker

Free Mouse Auto Clicker is a tool that is more interesting than it seems and users are able to use it for free. The tool does exactly what its name says, it simulates left clicking the mouse. The process is completely automated and the user has the possibility to tweak a number of factors. The installation of this software app is simple as it does not come with various offers or ads, and it will be automatically launched at the end of the process.

The interface could not have been more simple than it is and this is just an advantage for the tool, as there would have been no need for various fancy buttons. Thus, everything is plain simple and the user can simply set up the mouse clicker and let it run, without being confused by various menus, tabs and other interface elements. The tool will simulate the mouse click at different intervals and the user can specify exactly the amount of clicks that he wants per second, for example. Other than that, he can set the app to click the mouse once per several seconds or even minutes.

The application can also provide a fixed click point of the mouse and this is really helpful when a click must be done in a certain area of the screen or on a certain button. There are many situations in which such a tool will prove useful. If the mouse is unusable because the feature might be activated, then a hotkey can be pressed in order to stop the clicking process and the main interface of the application will also pop-up. The hotkey can be also customized in order for the user to have a quick access to it if he wants to stop the clicker.



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