Free Extended Task Manager

If you feel that the Windows Task Manager is not capable enough to provide a good breakdown of system processes, you should go for Free Extended Task Manager. As the name explains, the utility is an extended version of the default task manager in Windows. It is a similar looking but slightly larger task manager with extended features. There is a Performance tab which, on hovering the cursor over, shows up the CPU usage at given point of time. You can also see the programs that suck up the maximum processing power at any time.

The program has a Network Port tab to show you the people connecting to you and those you are connecting to along with their IP addresses. The Applications tab displays big icons, not just the list and this is a friendlier look than the normal one. There are many powerful features including the file lock finder that works to find why any particular file is locked for deletion and also unlocks the process. It is a highly useful tool for anybody.

A stable and comprehensive program for anybody interested in deeper workings of their systems!



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