Form Auto Fill

Form Auto Fill is an application that can be used by users who want to keep track of their passwords and other data. The utility is able to work with multiple browsers so that users can import their login credentials into any of them, when needed. The tool is installed within moments and afterwards, users can quickly create their own database in order to add data.

Form Auto Fill requires users to add a master password to their database. This is useful as it protects the database from unauthorized access. A password generator built within the app can be used to create a powerful password. The same generator can be used in order to generate other passwords for users and there is the possibility to export such lists into a TXT or CSV file. Countless login credentials can be added into the database, along with credit card information or street addresses.

Form Auto Fill can bring all of the passwords and other elements into the browser whenever the corresponding fields appear on a page. A toolbar is integrated into each browser so that users can fill in all of the fields with only a single click. The database can be kept on a USB flash drive and accessed with the aid of a password on any PC that has the app installed.



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