Flipboard: Your News Magazine

If you want to stay connected with all the latest news and trivia from around the world, then this app is the perfect fit. The app brings together all the important news articles from around the world in one place. Users can even browse through news feeds, photos and videos which other users have shared on the app. You can even make your personal magazine with this app, by selecting the topics you want to read on, and you then begin by tapping on any one of the selected topics.

You can even keep saving favorite stories on your magazine, along with images and videos. You can even connect this app to your social networking sites, and this helps to streamline your reading and all online activities such as liking, commenting and sharing various updates. Another great feature of this app is that, you can read up on popular Cover Stories, which the app compiles for you, based on whatever news preferences you have set on the app.



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