Flashblock is a browser plugin designed for those that use Firefox and want to have a smooth browsing experience. As advertisements on websites become more and more annoying, featuring pop-ups and pop-unders, along with other elements, users needs to clean these off from websites. A simple solution is the current extension which can be installed within seconds and requires no special knowledge to run.

As its name implies, Flashblock manages to block Flash content that appears on websites and that is mainly intrusive. However, there are complementary options that can allow users to block even HTML5 and SilverLight elements. These are also bases for advertisements but they can also prove to be false positives and users might miss important content. This is the reason for which a whitelist is available and people can configure it with ease.

The whitelist of Flashblock is easily configurable, as users just have to add website addresses in order for them to display Flash content. Firefox Sync can be used and integrated with the plugin if users want to synchronize the contents of their whitelist on multiple devices that have the extension installed. This way, the add-on provides flexibility by allowing users to transfer their settings with ease, in a matter of seconds.



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