Flash Video Downloader for Google Chrome

Flash Video Downloader for Google Chrome is a perfect extension that will prove extremely useful for various users that might need to download videos off YouTube and not only. Of course, there are a lot of such solutions in the market but this one manages to keep the standards high because it provides one of the largest lists of supported-websites. Thus, a user will definitely receive the needed help when trying to download videos from all kinds of websites. The installation is simple, as upon launching the installer, the extension will be automatically added to Google Chrome.

A user can easily see if the extension is turned on, as in the right side of the search bar its icon will be displayed. If this is clicked, the options menu can be accessed and here are available a various of tweaks that can improve the overall quality of the service. Moreover, here is also the location of the supported websites and it is quite long, so a quick search might be more useful. A thing that users will notice when using this extension is that it has a different behavior, depending on the visited website.

Some websites, such as YouTube, allow the tool to either download a video in FLV or MP4 formats. On the other hand, other websites, like DailyMotion, only provide the FLV option. However, a video converter can easily help a user in such cases, if he needs a more flexible video format. Another download method redirects websites to the extension’s website and from there, right clicking on a certain button allows users to easily save the requested video on the computer. Overall, Flash Video Downloader for Google Chrome provides a high amount of flexibility and the large database of supported sites makes it a great free solution.

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