If a certain music lover wishes to bring perfection to the stock of his songs and music, then FixTunes is the right software for him that can help him to organize his music, folder, add or correct any missing or misspelled word in a song. This unique software is capable of bringing variety and perfection to the quality of music stored in the PCs or laptops. The users can manage their music library with ease. The software is extremely powerful and it can work on its own when the users can do their own work.

FixTunes is not free software and the users are required to pay US$24.95 to download and use this for their own use. They also need to have adequate amount of free disc space in their system to store the files of the software. This software works well with all popular Windows operating system including XP, Vista 64Bit, Windows 2007 and Windows 2007 64 Bit. The popularity of the software can be estimated by the fact that the number of its download is increasing quite consistently.

This software is more powerful than all other in this category where typing is not needed from the user’s part. It can even add additional features to the songs that are provided to it. It can even take care of the name of the albums, name of the artists, year of recording and many other things that go together with these songs and albums. The users of iPads and iPhones are largely benefited by this software.



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