Firefox 16 Aurora

Interested in trying new browsers? The long-awaited version of Firefox Aurora is here. Firefox 16 Aurora is an all new browser which is especially designed for all hardcore internet users. This browser is completely different from the browsers which are already present in the market. An array of features included in this new version would surely impress you and make you happy.

Let us have a look at the new features that you get to enjoy with this new release:

– Download Panel: A default download panel is offered with this browser which is an all new innovation by Mozilla. The function of this panel is to display a list of all your recent downloads and their status. For those downloads that are not yet completed, you can track the progress of download. You can access the download panel by a button on the top toolbar of the browser window.

– Better AwesomeBar: Earlier, the AwesomeBar was not so clear with the search results. Only the term you searched for appeared bold and underlined in the results. This made it confusing as you would not get to know where the results are found. Now the searched items are highlighted in a better way improving the visual clarity. The words are highlighted using a different background so that it is easier to identify and appears cleaner.

– PDF Viewer: The built in PDF viewer has undergone improvements compared to the earlier versions. With inline PDF browser, users need not go to other applications to view a PDF file, instead have it on the same browser window.

– Security: The browser is improved to provide much secured browsing to the users. It no longer allows the MD5 hashes that is a very old encryption algorithm and easily cracked. MD5 hashes in digital certificates are not accepted by this new browser.

– Incremental Garbage Collector: By default, incremental GC is enabled in this browser. CPU based applications would work smoother with this improvement in garbage collector.

Besides this, the browser can be customized so you can make changes suiting your requirements. Try it today to find out how useful this new version can be.



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