FireChat is a powerful social network tool that introduces an innovative way of chatting – ‘off the grid’. This method enables you to chat with people living around you, even if you have no mobile network coverage or internet connection. Strange but true! Whether you are in the subway or on the beach, at a trade show or a game, concert or a campaign or travelling abroad, just launch the app with friends and find out who all are there. You get to enjoy a new kind of communication with this tool and that is ‘firechats’. These are anonymous, live discussion groups which can have up to 10,000 people gathered together at the same time.

With this app, you can create firechats of your own about anything interesting you, whether it is about the NY Yankees, the Italian food, League of Legends or Game of Thrones. Get the tool and start gathering people together. The surprising thing, the ability to work without mobile coverage and internet connection, is possible due to one of the most advanced technologies of Apple iOS. The program is built upon the technology called the Multipeer Connectivity Framework. Once installed, the app lets you connect and chat instantly with people around you, from your iPad, iPhone, PC or iPod touch.

The most important aspect of the application is it makes things so easy; you need not use any email or Facebook login or remember any passwords. It is lightweight and does not affect the system performance. One can use the ‘Nearby’ mode to enjoy off-the-grid communications which extend upto 200 feet from your location. The ‘Everyone’ mode would let you see what other people are talking about at any time. Get the app for your PC today with your BlueStacks App Player for free!



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