Find My Font Free

Graphic designers often spent huge time on searching fonts that are matched with the text in an image. This time consuming work can be done in an easy and fast way by the use of the software of Find My Font Free. The software has a list of fonts from where the user can get the matching font. The user can type a text and use the tool to get a result of the matching done. The program is easy to use and thus it is user friendly.

Find My Font Free has the capability of matching the fonts online or within the parameters of the computer. It provides the match to the user at a very high speed. User can also browse the fonts with the program. The features of the program are huge in order to provide the user with a variety of functions. This tool supports various types of fonts. It has a correction tool for the image. Find My Font Free is also loaded with the script letters and code pages.

Find My Font Free can easily install the matched fonts. The help file within the program guide the users further in the working of the program. This software is compatible with the operating system of Windows XP along with Windows Vista. This software also works with the system of Windows 7 & 8.



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