FinalBurner is a freeware utility which provides users simple and useful features that can help them greatly when needing to create CDs and DVDs. The tool is able to work with all sorts of CDs and DVDs, even if they are re-writable or dual-layer discs. This way, multiple types of projects can be created.

FinalBurner requires users to add files into a project in order to have then burned onto a disc, but they can also save the project for later use. As long as files are not modified on the computer, they can be burned with no problems at all. Specific types of discs can be created, such as video DVDs and audio CDs. All sorts of music files can be converted to audio tracks so that users can create the perfect audio CD.

FinalBurner can also work in reverse, as it can rip audio CDs and automatically convert tracks to a more flexible format. Video DVDs can be created within minutes with the aid of the tool. ISO files are also supported by the app and users have the possibility to create them and later burn them onto a disc. This CD or DVD can be bootable or not, depending on the user’s needs.



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