File Stream Image Broadway

File Stream Image Broadway is a very easy to use tool designed to create enhanced graphical images. It lets the user to create graphic images with special effects in almost no time. From simple editing to advanced options, this application is capable of satisfying every requirement of the user. The user interface is also very much simple and showcases as the options. There are various digital image processing technologies implemented in File Stream Image Broadway.

It includes the common options like color correction, repair, cloning, geometric and free-hand lasso area selection, etc. Powerful effects for texts are also included in this application. Optimization is a very important utility tool offered by File Stream Image Broadway. It assists the user in making graphics for web. Other features appended in this software program are precision move, built-in special-effects filters, texture painting, RGB color separation, bump-mapping, and layer support. The viewing of files and folder lists can be customized in on-the-fly custom-size thumbnail view.

There are dock able toolbars in File Stream Image Broadway. The optimization offered here can be classified in two parts in terms of utility; Web optimization which contributes in saving the bandwidth and Time Optimization squeezes down the size of the image files so that the website on which the images are present loads faster. This makes the website look more professional. There are various optimized onscreen display options present so for the user to choose from. Any of the operating systems mentioned henceforth is compatible with File Stream Image Broadway; Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8.




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