File Renamer Basic

The File Renamer Basic software is an extremely efficient tool, which can help its users in renaming their files, folders, and MP3 collection with utmost of ease. This software tool allows its users to perform a number of functions such as renaming, copying, and moving their files and folders to various locations. Users can select a wide range of options and properties as criteria for choosing specific files for specific actions. This software allows its users to add a number of unique parameters such as thumbnails and extensions to filter specific files for the users to work with.

The File Renamer Basic software allows its users to perform a wide range of actions on their chosen files including addition of prefixes, suffixes, and various other elements. However, users can preview the changes that they have made to certain files to help them in deciding whether to retain those changes or revert to the original form. Moreover, users can even ‘Undo’ the changes afterwards according to their preferences and requirements. This flexibility makes this software highly convenient and usable to its users.

The File Renamer Basic software works fine with both single and batch files. The user interface comes with extensive menus and features to help the users. Users can also take help from the instruction manual and the online forum according to their needs. Users can create specific file names and even insert EXIF keywords as names. Thus, users of this software can also edit ID3 tags, as well as, rename lists. Therefore, this software can be ideal solution for all the needs related to renaming of files and folders.



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