Fences is a utility that provides more utility that it might seem to give, in the beginning. The simple aim of the tool makes it pretty interesting, because allows to arrange their desktop icons with more ease than ever before. The interface of the tool has been redesigned and users have the possibility of changing the transparency in order to make the “fences” more or less obvious along the icons of the desktop. Sorting files can be done with the same ease as before, but now there is also an Auto-Organizer available – this small function will automatically sort icons into different fences of the screen.

More features are available, such as Desktop Pages and Folder Portals. The first one is extremely useful for users that do not have multiple monitors available. The tool will create multiple virtual desktops through which the user can navigate with ease. This way, more screens can be created and more fences will be available for use, in order to create even more organized desktops. The second feature is also useful because it allows a folder to be fenced. This way, inside the fence, the content of the folder will be easily accessible right from the desktop.

There are tutorials and also various guides that a user can read in order to make the most out of Fences, but these only offer the basics. Each user can customize the looks of the screen according to his own needs and liking, in order to create the most productive environment. Moreover, widgets are also supported by the application and a user can designate a fence in which all of these extensions will be displayed. In order to have a custom sorting method, a user can also create a unique profile and designate various rules in order to organize the icons.



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