Feed Baby: Tracker & Monitor

Feed Baby: Tracker and Monitor, developed by Penguin Apps is a complete app for the new parents for taking care of their babies. With this app you can keep the record of all the required items of your baby like the record of bottle and breast feed, sleep patterns of the babies, baby diapers, breast pump, journals regarding the relevant topics, growth charts, diary etc all.

The app is featured with the easy system of recording the feeds like bottle, breast and solid, recording the diaper changes, the sleeping session, your pumping session, record chart of baby growths, medicines and vaccination record and so on. The charts are useful enough to get the clear idea about the growth your baby and your feeding pattern. You will get the option for editing your records so that you can keep the record of the changed time and foods. This is a trial version which you can use for 20 days after that you will have to upgrade it.



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