FastStone Photo Resizer

Users can perform a wide range of modifications on their digital photo collection with minimum of fuss by using the FastStone Photo Resizer software tool. This software allows its users to perform a whole lot of modifications on their digital photos, which include not only simple resizing and renaming of the images, but also other more advanced editing features. This software tool performs all of these advanced editing features at a time on batches of digital photos, which goes to prove their extreme efficiency.

FastStone Photo Resizer software allows its users to perform wide variety of actions such as rotate, crop, edit, and adjust their images with the minimum possible effort. This software tool provides one-stop solution for handling multi-megabyte image folders by renaming them, cutting them down to manageable size, and converting them to a popular format like JPEG. Thus, users of these tools can manage large stashes of digital snapshots with maximum efficiency.

FastStone Photo Resizer tool provides an extremely intuitive interface to its users which allows them to select photos in batches or individually, and then use any of its numerous features on them according to the requirements. This tool also contains a set of advanced tools including the text and watermarking tools for the more sophisticated users. Thus, this application has all the features that can make it worthwhile to its users.



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