FaceGen Modeller

FaceGen Modeller is an application that can be used to create three dimensional models of different faces. The tool provides a lot of support when it comes to fine tuning every detail about a modeled face and users can recreate even their own image within this tool. The installation process takes minutes to complete and afterwards, the first project can be started.

FaceGen Modeller requires a few images to create a good model of a face and the most important one is the front shot. This is mandatory to provide and there is also the possibility to provide secondary images taken from the side. These are also useful as they can create a more accurate 3D model of one’s head. After these images are provided, the basic model will be rendered.

After users render a 3D model with the aid of FaceGen Modeller, they can start working on fine tuning various details regarding it. Each element of the face can be adjusted and edited to look more realistic if the first model design was not enough. Random faces can be automatically generated using various parameters set by the app and users can then exercise their skills by editing these faces in the 3D environment.

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