Facebook Video Calling

Facebook Video Calling is a great application that increases the usability of the social website. Hundreds of millions of users have accounts and millions of them actively use the chatting system implemented, but some of them might want to have something better. For such users, this application is perfect, because it manages to integrate a webcam into the chatting platform and allows users to make video calls. The application does not come installed on the computer, but appears in the form of a small icon when using the chat on Facebook.

The tool is a browser extension and it is compatible with all of the major browsers in the market, allowing a lot of users to benefit from the video calling feature. However, users have to know that this add-on does not provide the video calling system on its own. Instead, it relies on the system provided by Skype in order to work and provide high quality audio and video, just as it would happen with a normal Skype conversation. However, Skype is not actually required to be installed on the computers in order for the extension to work. Moreover, users do not even need a Skype account that could be used to log in before video chatting on Facebook.

Both participants need to have this app installed, and if one of them is offline, the tool still works. However, users will only be able to record a video message that will be sent to the other participant. This way, users can inform each other in regard to various things and recording a video makes things more interesting than simply texting. The icon of the application will be placed in the classic chat box and users can easily launch a video call by clicking it, without further settings to tune.



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