Facebook Notify Me

As Facebook proves to be a more and more important part of people’s life as they use the social website more and more, there are third party solutions like Facebook Notify Me which can cut off some of the time that is spent on the site. This is because the most important things are taken to the desktop, without all of the eye-candy that makes people spend hours browsing the site.

Facebook Notify Me is easy to install and the process is complete in a matter of seconds. Afterwards, the application will be accessible directly from the system tray, as it does not feature a desktop icon. Within the settings of the app users can allow it to start up along with the operating systems so that updates are brought as fast as possible.

Facebook Notify Me provides notifications in the lower right corner of the screen during different events. This way, users will be informed if they receive a new message or a friend request. However, they also receive poke notifications and info about the upcoming events. For those that are concerned about security, the utility uses the Facebook API in order to login to an account so that no data is disclosed.



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