Face Switch

Face Switch is a unique kind of photo editor designed for Android that helps you with morphing and swapping faces. With this free app, you can morph and swap any two faces easily and quickly. You can use it to see how the child of you and your partner would look, how you would look with a new hairstyle, mash together any random faces to see the results of the mixes and entertain yourself and others. The program is the first and foremost face changing application for Android which allows mixing faces the way you like. To provide the most realistic results, it incorporates the powerful soft change brush stroke technology.

The editor makes use of auto in-photo face detection technology and offers very intuitive controls for manipulation. You get many options for importing pictures including photo roll, picture gallery and camera of the device. It features an easy switch functionality and a flexible photo sharing option. There are four different pre-loaded portrait photo catalog within the app. It also features a skin color matching facility and image adjustment like contrast, brightness, saturation and more. You also get to enjoy free stickers, free photo filters to enhance the pictures further.

The program has a sleek, straightforward user interface with well designed look and easy to access functions. It is an innovative photo editing application and provides all that users would need to mix and swap different people photos together as and when needed, for any reason one would come up with. It is fairly easy to use, you just need to pick any two photos you want to swap and the rest is taken care of by the app. Now the powerful application can be used on PC too by downloading it from the BlueStacks App Player!



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