If you have been looking for a fictional interactive game that is up to the mark, then Façade is the game for you. There is nothing boring or silly about the game as there are a series of features that make it very entertaining and simulating to play. at the beginning of the game, you will receive a message from a couple named Trip and Grace who where friends with you in college. Trip seems a little on the edge when she extends and invitation to you to come over at their place. Your instincts tell you something is not right, and this doubt is confirmed when you spend the evening with them. Although Trip and Grace seem like a happily married couple, beneath the surface, things are not right with their marriage.

It is your goal to show them a way out of their misery. You will have to be extremely careful as whatever you say or do will have an irrevocable influence on their future. You can either get the, to make amends and begin afresh in their married life, or encourage them to get a divorce and free themselves from an unhappy marriage. The main challenge in the game is that you will have to be extremely sensitive and careful, because if you manage to offend them then you will be asked to leave from their home.

You will have to write dialogues that you feel are appropriate and converse with the couple. Make sure that you do not interrupt them or they may get annoyed and you may lose. You can create and type your dialogues and there are no multiple choice options that were once so prominent in these kinds of games. The emotional and intellectual range of the characters is fully developed and this is what makes Façade such a compelling game.



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